Dangerous 19

August 18, 2011

While he slid down to lay on his bed, I went back to the chair by the desk. While I knew keeping that desk between us wouldn’t give me much safety, I took the small comforts I could.

Kale sighed heavily. “I don’t want you running away again. The woods are dangerous Kheri and I mean that. Didn’t you hear what everyone said about those rogue weres and the enemy packs? Well they could be lurking in
those woods. They could easily grab you and really take you prisoner.” He gave me a pointed look with raised eyebrows. “They also wouldn’t be as passive as I have been.”

“Passive!?” I sputtered. “Not likely! I…”

With a wave of his hand Kale cut me off. “Trust me when I tell you I’ve been very very passive with you. Normally I’m not like this but since I first found you I’ve been feeling different. The anger and loneliness that’s become so much a constant inside me has…well…thawed I guess.”

I leaned back in my chair and crossed my arms in front of my chest. No way was I falling for the lonely heart routine even if I that statement had plucked a pang of sympathy for him. I knew what being hurt was
all about and I’d dealt with my share of loneliness despite having loving parents.

“Yeah right.” I spoke up. “Lonely with so many of you family living here?”

Kale lay there with one hand holding his head up as he turned on his side to give me his full attention now.

“Haven’t you ever been lonesome even while you were in a crowd?” He said softly. “Felt like something was missing and no one had that missing piece of the puzzle that you needed?” My silence spoke for itself and Kale nodded his head before continuing. “Then you know what I mean.”

My curiosity got the better of me and I blurted out my thought before I realized what I had done. “Why the anger though?”

Kale’s eyes fell to the floor. I almost thought he might not answer me as the minutes stretched on. I shifted in my chair wondering how to change topic when he finally spoke again.

“I was an orphan you know.” He said quietly. “No one knew who my parents were or if anything had happened to them. Just that I was found one December morning shivering in a park and a police man took me to the police
station for some hot cocoa to warm me up. I was about four years old they said. Nothing on me to identify who I was either. So I became a ward of the state.” Kale face showed his distaste at that fact. “It was awful Kheri. So awful. Some people tried to care for me but were scared of me. The ones who weren’t scared of me were not the types I really wanted to be with. People who punished often and for fun. Some who did worse then that. And then there were the other kids. Some in an almost permanent state of shock. Others who turned into bullies
themselves. I did what I had to to survive and then left out on my own as soon I could.”

I had been leaning forward in my chair while I listened to Kale tell me of his childhood. The terrors he described pulled at me. Made me want to comfort him. I was a sucker for a sob story and Kale’s was definitely that. I think it was the movement of me unfolding my arms that had caught his attention. He suddenly looked up at me and I could see his eyes change somehow as he stopped reliving the memories and came back to the present. He blinked and the show was over as he put his feelings away and forced a wall of calm seriousness to rein on his features.

Kale shrugged. “Anyway I had a rough childhood. Nuff said.” He inclined his head toward me. “Tell me about you. What kind of childhood did you have?”

I got the impression that Kale didn’t like talking about himself. That what he had told me was a rare insight. Normally I would have been very moved, supportive and sympathetic. I might even have hugged him. But this man was still holding me hostage here. I might not have handcuffs on or a blindfold but I was still a captive.

For a moment I wavered about talking then decided not to. I’d rather Kale did not get to know me. I wanted to go home, not get involved with this man.

When I didn’t answer Kale shook his head in aggravated amusement. “You know what? Your amazing. I tell you about me but you just cannot give in the tiniest bit can you?”

“I want to go home Kale.” I told him. “I don’t want to sit here and pretend to be buddies when we aren’t.”

Kale sat up on the bed and ran his fingers through his long dark hair before swinging his legs over the side of the bed. He sat on the edge as his hands clenched together in frustration.

“Look, you are going to have to get it through you thick head Kheri, that you’re my mate, my soul mate.” He pinned me with his glare. “Werewolves don’t give up their mates when they find them. In fact they fight and even kill to keep their mate with them. I was holding onto tight reins as I tried to be gentle at your house. But you made me have to get physical to even get near you. And your folks….God I hate knowing I knocked them out but you know what? I did a damn great job at not killing them when the beast in me was raging at me to do just that.” Kale blew out an angry breathe. “You don’t know how uncontrollable this urge is to be with you, near you. Hell, even now you way over there and I feel this pull on me to close the distance.”

Kale’s gaze intensified and as the anger left an passionate hunger filled in its place within his greenish yellow depths. He was still across the room from me but I felt nearly scalded by the burning desire I saw.

Kale smiled sadly. “Do you see how restrained I am? Yes, I can read in your eyes that you do. I only hold back because of you Kheri. I’m trying to give you time to accept me but your not even trying. Tell me why I should bother to keep restraining myself if you are not even willing to try and meet me halfway on this?”

“Kale please..” I didn’t know what to say.


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