Dangerous 18

August 18, 2011

We padded silently up the driveway to the door with clothing scattered on the ground outside of it. Kale let my shoulder go but I kept my back to him. Listened to the rustling of the clothing as he pulled it on.

“You can change during the day.” I said to fill the silence. “Without a full moon.”

Kale snorted, sounding very like his wolf counterpart. “Shifters can change whenever they want to but how much and how long does depend on the moon’s phase.” I heard him pause and knew he was looking up at me. “Hollywood likes to stretch the truth in their movies but that works for us in a way. The non-believers or crazed extremists think they know our weaknesses and strengths when really they’ve just scratched the tip of the iceberg.”

“I see.”

“Well…” Kale answered back as clothing once more rustled as he drew it on. “..I’m kind of hoping your beginning to. All this screaming and running away business is annoying. If you would only give things a chance maybe…. well maybe you could be happy here.” He paused and then finished. “…with me.”

“You kidnapped me Kale.” I reminded him incase he forgot. “Took me from my home without telling me why, left my folks unconscious on the floor…”

“Alright!” Kale snapped. “I know I did. I’m sorry about that.” He sighed. “You can turn around now, I’m dressed.”

I turned slightly and glanced at him. He had his clothes back on complete with the flaming Harley Davidson T-shirt.

Kale plucked a leaf from his dark hair as he motioned me with a wave of his hand to the door. “Come on, let’s go in and face everyone. Then I’m taking you back to my room.”

Somehow he prodded me through the door. Everyone was back in their seats but looked up as we came in. I could see sympathy in their eyes as no one mentioned my headlong flight out the door and instead asked if I was
okay. I assured everyone I was. And that’s about all I got to say before Kale announced we were going back to his room and then whisked me away. No one said a word to stop him.

Kale pulled me into his room minutes later and once more locked the door.

“Now we talk.” Kale announced.


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