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Dangerous 15

April 7, 2009

A thickly muscled man in a brown shirt with dark red hair leaned forward. He had been pretty silent during the conversation, leaning back and listening. Now he put his hands up in the air and waved them at both Mike and Kale. The growling lowered instantly.


“Okay you two.” He said. “Enough bickering.” He turned toward Kale. “I know what you have to be feeling with a brand new mate Kale but jeez man, the pack has to get to know her. And she has to get to know us. Relax. Everyone knows she’s yours.”


The words seemed to cool things down. Kale leaned back in his chair with a resigned sigh. Mike smiled smugly at Kale but sat back also.


Judi leaned toward me, pointing at the dark red haired man that had just spoken. “That’s Bram our Ulfric. The Alpha wolf of this pack.”


I glanced at Bram who nodded his head to me.


“I’m pleased you’ll soon be a part of our pack Kheri.” Bram offered.


My fists tightened with dread and nervousness as I hide them in my lap. Part of this pack? Did they think to turn me into a werewolf? Was I supposed to stay here forever? I suddenly realized how close Kale was and leaned away.


Kale’s features tightened into a concerned frown. “Kheri? What’s wrong?”


I shook my head negatively but Kale wasn’t fooled. He hovered over me, tried to pull me into his arms. I shoved away from him and the table.


“I knew this was a bad idea.” Kale hissed angrily at everyone. “I should have brought her with me somewhere secluded where she could get to know me without you guys scaring her with your big mouths.”


“And what the hell did we say wrong?” Jay was asking.


The conversation continued but my attention was on the door. I could see sunlight and the woods beyond. In my desperate need to escape the whole situation I shot up from my seat and grabbed the handle. Kale stopped midsentence and I heard chairs squeaking as people quickly moved out of them. I had seconds to get out.


The kitchen door was locked but the drawing back of a bolt fixed that. I shoved the door open but was grabbed on the arm. When I glanced back, I saw Mike had a hold of me. I screamed in fear and flailed around trying to break his hold. I think Kale must have thought Mike was doing something bad to me because his fist shot out of no where and hit Mike square in the jaw. I was released immediately and literally fell through the kitchen doorway into the backyard. I got to my feet and took off running.