Dangerous Part 12

January 28, 2009

A knocking at the door woke me up and it took me a moment to remember where I was. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Kale standing up, the blanket sliding off him. He had taken off his shirt but left his pants on. He growled at the door. The sound took on a whole new meaning to me after last night’s experience.


“It’s just me.” I heard Judi say through the door. “Come on you sleepy heads and come get some breakfast.”


Kale stopped growling and stepped back from the door. He yawned as he reached down and grabbed up the pillow and blanket, then straightened and looked at me. He walked to the end of the bed and dumped his stuff there.


“Do you want to shower first or should I?” He asked.


It seemed like such a normal thing to say or do except that I was still his captive in this nut house.


I shook my head negatively. “No thanks. I’m fine.”


Kale arched his back in a stretch and looked at me. “Okay, but sooner or later you’ll have to trust me enough to do what you have to do.”


And with that he walked into the bathroom. The door closed but I could tell he left it unlocked as he started the water in the shower. Because I might escape while he was gone? Probably not. The door out to the stairwell was still locked and the lower rooms packed with his so called family members even if I got that far. With a sigh I stood and walked around.


The room was very sparse I noticed. Hardly any photos. I picked up the one on his dresser of a large group. In the photo I picked out Kale, Candace, Judi and Mike. A few others might have been some of the other people downstairs. It looked like a family reunion type photo with everyone crowded together. A few people smiled in the photo but I noticed Kale and a good portion of the men had a wry twist of the lips.


Setting the photo down I glanced around still not finding much outside of the clothes on the floor. The closet had a full length mirror where I saw myself and how rumpled I looked. My blouse was wrinkled and my hair needed brushing but the jeans had come through the night unscathed. I found Kale’s hair brush on the dresser and with a glance at the bathroom I started brushing my own long hair out. He was right that I needed a shower to really look my best but I would make do for now.


Minutes later I was looking out a window when Kale came out of the shower. He was still minus the shirt but I was happy to see he had pants on. He glanced at me and then went to his dresser where he put on cologne and pulled a shirt out of one of the top drawers. He pulled on the T-shirt with a Harley Davidson logo on it done in fire. Next he went for his hair brush. I was watching as his look changed and his gaze flew to mine.


“What’s wrong?” I asked.


“You used my brush.” He said simply.


I felt the need to defend myself. “Come on, it’s only a brush. I would have asked you but you were showering.”


His lips twisted up in a kind of surprised smile. “You think I’m mad? Not at all. I like the fact that you wanted to use something of mine. That our scents are now mingled.”


And with that he smiled at me and started pulling the brush through his own long wet hair. I didn’t know what to think of Kale. One minute he could terrorize me, another minute he was being sentimental. It made me nervous that he was so unpredictable.

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