Dangerous Part 11

January 10, 2009

My curiosity got the better of me and with shaking, reluctant hands I touched Kale’s arm. He let me run my hand over his skin where I felt his upper smooth arm turn into a hairy one. Tufts of black fur brushed my fingers. I thought the feeling of the fur would make me gag but instead the fur was silky soft. I found my hands working down to his palm and over his fingers. All of the fur was real, the raised pads on his palm and finger tips were real too. I tugged on the claws and they were connected. I suddenly felt light headed.


“Kale?” I asked in a surprised yet calm voice.


He caught my arms and gently lowered me back into the chair next to the desk. I had a moment’s thought for that clawed hand catching me but although the claws brushed my skin, he didn’t hurt me. Kale stood beside my chair looking down at me thoughtfully.


“I didn’t want to scare you but I had to do something to make you believe me.” He said. “I’m sorry. I wish there had been a simpler way.”


I heard him but didn’t answer. My mind was racing. If Kale was a werewolf, a real live werewolf, then what else was there out there? It was all so much to take in.


Kale sighed. “Okay, I think I made my point. Now it’s time for you and I to get some rest.”


My eyes flashed up to his as my thoughts turned toward the bed. I was still locked in the bedroom with him. There was only one bed in the room.


“You don’t have to look horrified.” Kale said, kneading his hand and shaking it slightly.


“I won’t sleep with you!” I said.


Kale finished with his hand. A glance showed it was back to being a human hand once more. Kale’s eyes had softened too, the glowing dim.


“Well if you think your sleeping in this room alone, guess again.” Kale told me. “I might let you take the bed and be nice enough to sleep on the floor but I cannot leave you alone in here.”


“Why?” I asked numbly. The fight in me spent after hearing he would sleep on the floor.


“You are my mate Kheri.” Kale sputtered. “Whether you want to be or not. And since I haven’t claimed you, I’m going to be a walking time bomb ready to fight and protect what’s mine. So I stay in the room because to be honest, I don’t think I can bear to be separated from you right now.”


“You won’t come into the bed?” I asked.


Kale sighed. “No. I can promise you that I’ll leave you to sleep in peace. Okay? You feel better now?”


I nodded. It was better to show I was grateful for what I got then to play the part of an angry captive. The werewolf thing was real and I really didn’t want Kale mad at me right now. He said he didn’t want to hurt me but mistakes could always happen.


“Okay, well, as you know I didn’t bring anything for you to change into.” Kale said. “But you could borrow a nightgown from Candace if you want. Do you want me to go ask her?”


I shook my head no. “I umm…I’d rather sleep like this.”


Kale’s eyes went to my clothes. A blue blouse and black jeans. He knew I wouldn’t be as comfortable sleeping in them but knew why I opted as I did. He nodded his head.


“Okay.” Was all he said.


Getting ready for bed didn’t take long. Kale grabbed a blanket and pillow and threw it down on the floor in front of the door. I just kicked off my shoes and socks before climbing into bed. Kale turned the light off. The moon cast shadows in the room. I heard Kale shifting around on the floor getting settled.


“As odd as this will sound Kheri..” Kale whispered into the darkness. “I’m glad you’re here. I’ve been alone for a long time.”


I wondered at his statement with so much family in the house but didn’t have time to ask about it. Despite thinking I’d never get any sleep, I was out in about two minutes.

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