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Dangerous Part 10

December 6, 2008

I didn’t react and Kale frowned. “Did you hear what I said?”


“Yes.” I answered.


“Well?” He prompted.


“I don’t know.” I said.


“Well you better know Kheri.” Kale snapped. “You’re my mate.”




“You heard me.” Kale said looking away and folding his own arms. “Why the hell do you think I broke down your damned door to get to you? Werewolves can’t fight their instincts.”


I heard him but it was hard to believe him. My mouth opened but nothing came out. I wondered if his so called family downstairs knew he thought he was a werewolf. Maybe they might help me escape if they did.


“I can see you don’t believe me.” Kale said with tight aggravation in his tone. “Want me to prove it do you?”


While I still thought Kale was crazy some part me didn’t like the way that proving part sounded. I saw him watching me across the room so I shook my head no.


His lips slipped up into an angry smile. “Oh but you are going to see and believe. After the day you put me through, I’m not going to let you go around thinking I’m off my rocker. No, don’t shake your head, you admitted to me in the car you would think that. It’s time someone opened your eyes.”


He stood and I leaned toward the wall at my back but Kale didn’t come after me. Instead he stood there looking at his hand and then closing it into a fist. His head tipped back as his eyes closed. I could see he was shaking a bit, concentrating.


“The new moon just passed.” Kale said tightly, still shaking as he concentrated. “It means I’m still powerful enough to do this. To show you…”


Slowly Kale turned away from me, hunched over his arm. The shaking stopped and I could hear his heavy breathing. He looked at me over his shoulder, his eyes glowing in his face. Their color looked more iridescent now, less human.


“Here Kheri, look.”


Kale turned and held up his hand. Only it wasn’t a human hand. It was a hand with long black claws and black hair all over it covering half his arm as well. As I watched he moved his fingers. I told myself he had slipped on a costume novelty glove but it still looked pretty real and I couldn’t take my eyes off it.


“Still an unbeliever then?” Kale said walking toward me.


I stood but there was no where to run to. The door was locked. I cringed away as Kale stood in front of me now with his hand up. He went to touch me with it and I screamed.


“No, don’t touch me!” I cried.


“You have to believe me.” Kale said softly. “And I think this is the only way.”


I screamed as his hand clasped my arm. I wasn’t hurt and the claws didn’t scratch me but I was terrified anyway for some reason. I tried to get away, tried to shake Kale’s clawed hand off me but I couldn’t.


“It’s okay.” Kale cooed softly. “You know I’m not hurting you. Think Kheri.”


I struggled for a minute more before my cries died down to a soft whimper. I looked down at the dark furry hand on my arm. Now that I wasn’t struggling, it was petting me. I watched in horrified fascination as those long claws curled away from my skin and all I felt was a soft touch.


“It’s not so bad.” Kale was saying softly. “You’ll get used to me. And you can see and feel that I don’t want to hurt you. You feel my gentle touch…”


I grew silent and my shaking stopped. I watched Kale’s hand pet me and he was indeed soft and gentle. I bent my head to get a closer look, to see if it truly was his real hand touching me. It seemed impossible but…


“Yes, look at me Kheri.” Kale said encouragingly. “Touch me.”