Dangerous Part 9

October 21, 2008

I went into the bathroom, closed the door, locked it and leaned against the door. Finally I was alone. My legs turned to Jell-O and I found myself kneeling on the floor. I let out a strangled gasp. I wanted to scream, cry and faint all at the same time. Why me? Why was this happening to me?


In the silence I heard myself breathing heavy as I looked around. It was a huge bathroom with a hot tub built in one corner, a walk in smaller room containing a toilet and small sink, a double sink was near me along the wall and farther down I saw a large walk in shower with sliding doors. Gaining my feet again, I walked to the smaller room and answered the call of nature. Then after cleaning up I walked to the larger sinks and stared at myself in the big mirror above it. I felt different but I seemed the same. All except for the haunted feeling inside me that peeked out through my eyes.


I must have been in the bathroom for longer then I thought because someone knocked on the door and I heard Candace ask me if I was okay in there. My voice cracked slightly as I answered yes and she went away. I splashed water on my face and breathed in deeply. I was stronger then this. I knew I was. And I would find a way home. Patience was the thing. I just had to wait and look for an opportunity.


I couldn’t hold up in the bathroom forever so I reluctantly emerged. Judi was waiting a little ways down the hall and came to me. I knew she had been waiting for me to come out. Maybe making sure I didn’t escape? She smiled and guided me back to the living room once more. Heads turned as we came in. Kale had been in a chair but leaped up and came to my side once more. The grip returned to my arm.


“We’re going upstairs.” Kale announced. “Night all.”


There were protests for us to stay but Kale pulled me out of the room and over to a set of stairs. His grip calmed and turned supportive as we went up.


“You can get to know them later.” Kale told me. “First we need to talk.”


As we got to the top of the stairs Kale turned me right and we went up a new set of stairs. This time the top of the stairs lead to a single door. Kale fished out his keys and unlocked the door. I stepped into a room done in dark browns. Lots of wood showed and the furniture here was all done in dark colors. Few possessions were on the dressers and desk but clothes were on the ground in front of the closet. Men’s clothing. A massive bed made up with dark blue blankets stood at the end of the room. I saw a door slightly ajar leading to a bathroom.


Kale locked the door behind us making me jump at the sharp click. “There we go. Now it’s just you and me.”


I stood very still, worried. I was in Kale’s bedroom. Locked in with the mad man.


“You look so worried.” Kale commented trying for a light tone. “You shouldn’t be. I don’t want to hurt you. Just talk.”


Like how you talked at my house, I wondered. But even as I thought it, I remembered closing the door on him. I hadn’t given him a chance to talk to me I realized but he had scared me with his insistence on coming in the house and being so sure of himself. I felt my arms rise up and hug around myself protectively.


Kale’s look turned concerned. “I said I wouldn’t hurt you. No one will. I’ll kill them if they touch you. Now come sit down and relax Kheri.”


He had gestured to the bed but I moved closer to the desk. The bed was a little too intimate for me. I sat down at the desk chair as I watched him take off his jacket. A black leather type that hinted of biker but lacked the points, patches and buckles. He turned away from me to hang it on a hook beside the door. Under his jacket Kale was wearing a black shirt and black jeans that hugged his muscled body as he moved.


Kale turned back and saw me sitting at his desk. “Alright, then sit there. That’s fine.” He sank down to sit at the bottom of his bed. Ran his hand through his hair. “Man, what a long ass day huh? I thought we would never get here.” He brought his hands together in a clasp as his elbows rested on his knees. “Okay, Kheri, what I have to say will be hard for you to take in but I want to be the one to tell you before my family does.” He held his silence for a moment before blurting out. ”I’m a werewolf.”

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