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Dangerous Part 9

October 21, 2008

I went into the bathroom, closed the door, locked it and leaned against the door. Finally I was alone. My legs turned to Jell-O and I found myself kneeling on the floor. I let out a strangled gasp. I wanted to scream, cry and faint all at the same time. Why me? Why was this happening to me?


In the silence I heard myself breathing heavy as I looked around. It was a huge bathroom with a hot tub built in one corner, a walk in smaller room containing a toilet and small sink, a double sink was near me along the wall and farther down I saw a large walk in shower with sliding doors. Gaining my feet again, I walked to the smaller room and answered the call of nature. Then after cleaning up I walked to the larger sinks and stared at myself in the big mirror above it. I felt different but I seemed the same. All except for the haunted feeling inside me that peeked out through my eyes.


I must have been in the bathroom for longer then I thought because someone knocked on the door and I heard Candace ask me if I was okay in there. My voice cracked slightly as I answered yes and she went away. I splashed water on my face and breathed in deeply. I was stronger then this. I knew I was. And I would find a way home. Patience was the thing. I just had to wait and look for an opportunity.


I couldn’t hold up in the bathroom forever so I reluctantly emerged. Judi was waiting a little ways down the hall and came to me. I knew she had been waiting for me to come out. Maybe making sure I didn’t escape? She smiled and guided me back to the living room once more. Heads turned as we came in. Kale had been in a chair but leaped up and came to my side once more. The grip returned to my arm.


“We’re going upstairs.” Kale announced. “Night all.”


There were protests for us to stay but Kale pulled me out of the room and over to a set of stairs. His grip calmed and turned supportive as we went up.


“You can get to know them later.” Kale told me. “First we need to talk.”


As we got to the top of the stairs Kale turned me right and we went up a new set of stairs. This time the top of the stairs lead to a single door. Kale fished out his keys and unlocked the door. I stepped into a room done in dark browns. Lots of wood showed and the furniture here was all done in dark colors. Few possessions were on the dressers and desk but clothes were on the ground in front of the closet. Men’s clothing. A massive bed made up with dark blue blankets stood at the end of the room. I saw a door slightly ajar leading to a bathroom.


Kale locked the door behind us making me jump at the sharp click. “There we go. Now it’s just you and me.”


I stood very still, worried. I was in Kale’s bedroom. Locked in with the mad man.


“You look so worried.” Kale commented trying for a light tone. “You shouldn’t be. I don’t want to hurt you. Just talk.”


Like how you talked at my house, I wondered. But even as I thought it, I remembered closing the door on him. I hadn’t given him a chance to talk to me I realized but he had scared me with his insistence on coming in the house and being so sure of himself. I felt my arms rise up and hug around myself protectively.


Kale’s look turned concerned. “I said I wouldn’t hurt you. No one will. I’ll kill them if they touch you. Now come sit down and relax Kheri.”


He had gestured to the bed but I moved closer to the desk. The bed was a little too intimate for me. I sat down at the desk chair as I watched him take off his jacket. A black leather type that hinted of biker but lacked the points, patches and buckles. He turned away from me to hang it on a hook beside the door. Under his jacket Kale was wearing a black shirt and black jeans that hugged his muscled body as he moved.


Kale turned back and saw me sitting at his desk. “Alright, then sit there. That’s fine.” He sank down to sit at the bottom of his bed. Ran his hand through his hair. “Man, what a long ass day huh? I thought we would never get here.” He brought his hands together in a clasp as his elbows rested on his knees. “Okay, Kheri, what I have to say will be hard for you to take in but I want to be the one to tell you before my family does.” He held his silence for a moment before blurting out. ”I’m a werewolf.”


Dangerous Part 8

October 2, 2008

As it turned out, we were on the road for nearly two hours more before we finally got to Kale’s destination. We seemed in the middle of no where with forest as far as the eye could see but somehow Kale had known about the hidden road we turned onto which later I found out was a long driveway when I spotted the lights from the windows of some house far ahead.


As we got closer and Kale started to park the truck close to a big garage, I realized how huge the place was. It was a mansion in the middle of no where with acres of woods and tons of vehicles from the look of the collection of cars and trucks parked next to us in the driveway.


Kale seemed unconcerned about it all as he got out of the drivers seat and came around to my side ushering me out. I stood shakily after sitting in the car for so long and although Kale offered his arm to me, I didn’t take it. I was still here against my will. Politeness would not make me forget that.


“Would it hurt you any to at least take my hand?” Kale grumbled.


I slanted a glance his way but didn’t answer. And when Kale knew he wouldn’t get my cooperation, he took me by the elbow and started propelling me toward the house. He walked angrily and fast but I noticed he stopped when my feet skipped a step. It was strange to be manhandled and yet not. My captor was a polite one and that confused the hell out of me.


I heard voices even before the door opened but a glance at Kale told me nothing. He had a hard determined look on his features. His greenish yellow eyes almost glowing in the darkness.


The door opened and a grinning man started to say something then faltered and looked at both of us seriously. He was a nice looking guy with chiseled features, blonde hair and blue eyes. Definitely not Kale’s look-a-like so probably not a brother. The stranger looked me over top to bottom making me shift in place nervously before he brought his gaze back to Kale.


“Oh my God man.” He said. “I never thought the day would come but hooo…I can see it in your eyes.”


Kale snorted. “Yeah, yeah, okay. Let me in Mike.”


Mike smiled sarcastically before stepping aside. “Man, I feel sorry for her.”


Kale shot him a glare as he pulled me inside. The inside of the house was done in earth tones with white walls to make the already huge rooms seem larger. And it was a beautiful home, much grander then anything I had ever been in. Antique furniture was scattered around mingling with current elegant styles which fit right in.


Kale pushed me toward a room and conversation stopped as we entered the room. It was a living room we were in, plush with lots of chairs and three long curving couches. Two big screen TVs stood at either end of the room but were turned off. People sat in different places around the room and had been having some kind of conversation before we entered. I counted two women among a bunch of men. Maybe about seven or eight guys.


Mike entered the room behind us with a laugh. “Well hell, aren’t you going to welcome the new addition to the family?”


People looked at one another and slowly they started talking again, getting up to come over and congratulate Kale…and me! Why the heck would they do that? I looked at Kale who looked very nervous and on edge. The grip on my arm confirmed that as it tightened.


“What’s wrong Kale?” One of the women, the brunette asked.


“Oh shit!” One of the guys exclaimed as he clapped his hands together. “She doesn’t know!”


I was about to ask what it was I didn’t know but Kale growled and the room went silent. I looked at him strangely. I mean, come on! A growl?


“Shut up.” Kale snapped. “All of you. I just need some time.”


Some of the people in the room looked like this was a big joke to them, others had a look of concern. The woman seemed to be on my side though, extracting Kale’s hurtful grip from my arm. When asked if I needed to use the bathroom, this time I said yes. Nature was calling but really I just wanted to get away from this group of psychotic people.


When I was walked to the bathroom by the two ladies, I pulled them to the side breaking my silence. “He kidnapped me!” I whispered urgently. “Please help me! Call the police.”


But when I saw the way the two women looked at each other silently, I knew I wouldn’t be getting out of here anytime soon. Why? Why did they let their friend kidnap me?


“Honey, it will get better.” The raven haired woman said. “Trust me. Just give yourself some time to..err adjust.”


Adjust?! To what? Being a kidnap victim?!


“Here’s the bathroom.” The brunette told me as she opened a door and flicked on the light inside. “I’m Judi and this is Candace. Just call if you need anything.”


Well hell, I did something but they wouldn’t help me escape. I could tell. They were being careful around me but still part of the kidnapping group down the hall. I felt my hope give out inside me.