Dangerous Part 6

August 28, 2008

When we turned back onto a main road some half an hour later Kale glanced over me and I knew he was going to start up a conversation again.


“Do you believe in destiny and unknown forces?” He asked unexpectedly. “In legends and superstitions?”


I frowned a little wondering what this had to do with anything. Since he seemed to be waiting for me to answer I spoke up.


“Yeah, maybe.” I admitted.


“What about vampires and werewolves?” He asked. “You believe in them?”


I looked over at him now. Kale had his eyes on the road but he was glancing at me from time to time waiting to hear my opinion. Why did it seemed so important to him?


“I don’t know.” I finally said. “I’ve never seen one outside the movies.”


We pulled up to a streetlight and stopped when it turned red. Kale turned his head to face me as he waited for the light.


“What if you did meet one?” He asked. “Would you believe them? Would you think them evil or insane?”


For the first time I wondered if Kale was some escaped lunatic from an asylum. Where the heck was this going?


“Unless they were going to kill me or hurt me I wouldn’t think them evil.” I answered figuring that sounded truthful enough.


“Okay but would you believe they were what they said?” Kale asked.


I shrugged my shoulders and remembered he couldn’t see it with his eyes on the road. “I don’t know. Probably not though.”


“Why not?”


“Vampires and zombies and what-not do not exist.” I pointed out.


“And you know that how?” He pressed.


I frowned as he turned the truck down onto yet another lonesome, dark road. “How? Oh come on! Have you ever seen a real vampire?”


I had hoped to turn the tables on him but apparently it wasn’t going to happen. Nothing I did seemed to faze this man at all. It was almost as if he came prepared for me somehow.


“What if I said yes?” Kale said. “What if I told you I happen to know a few.”


He glanced at me as I made a rude noise. But I felt I was moving from a state of shock into one of being hysterical.


“I’d think you were nut and should be locked up in the Looney bin” I told him with a hard laugh.


Kale seemed intent on driving for a minute and the truck got quiet. I supposed he was mad at me but at this point I didn’t care. This night was one big catastrophe anyway.

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