Dangerous Part 5

August 17, 2008

I thought about escaping when his hand left me to dig in a pocket for his keys but fear of what he might do to my family to retaliate made me stay frozen. I swiped a hand at my cheeks to try and brush away the evidence of my tears.


He got the truck’s passenger side door open and handed me into the seat. “Your doing great. Just bear with me Kheri.”


Shutting my door he walked around and got into the driver’s seat. The truck started up with a smooth purr. Before we pulled out he made sure I put on a seatbelt and handed me something from the glove compartment. I looked down to see it was a pack of tissues he had given me.


“I didn’t mean to make you cry.” He told me as he drove. “Nothing turned out the way I planned. God! It was a disaster!” He hit his hand against the steering wheel in frustration then he glanced at me. “Why didn’t you just talk with me? Was sitting on the porch and hearing me out such a terrible thing?”


I shifted uncomfortably in my seat, lowering my eyes. “No. It was just….you scared me.”


From the corner of my eye I saw his eyes widen and heard him chuckle angrily. “Oh great. Just freaking great. I’m sure you’re so much less scared of me now.” He sighed angrily and shook his head at himself. “Boy when I mess things up, I Really mess them up.”


Since I didn’t comment he continued in a calmer tone. “Okay, look. We got off to a bad start. I’m sorry things worked out that way but they did. But from here on, nothing has to be bad. We can try and be friends right?”


He seemed to be waiting for my answer but I couldn’t agree or disagree with him at that moment. I was still calming down from what had happened. And being in the car driving to God knew where with a stranger didn’t help.


As if he had heard my thought, he said. “Right. Well, I guess it doesn’t make things any easier if you don’t even know who I am. I’m Kale.”


I glanced at him from the corner of my eye but said nothing.


“Won’t you even try to meet me halfway here Kheri?” Kale asked. When I didn’t answer he prodded me. “I need some kind of answer here.”


I closed my eyes unhappily. Scared to answer and say the wrong thing. Scared to not answer and make him angrier then he was.


“I don’t know.” I said at last.


He nodded. “Alright. Fair enough answer. I mean, at least you didn’t lie.”


The questions stopped for a while as Kale drove on. We were on some back roads now that I only vaguely recognized from crude signs the headlights lit up here or there. The old truck took the dirt and gravel roads fine without slipping which was both a surprise and disappointment. The farther we drove, the less the chance of the police catching up to us.

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