Dangerous Part 4

August 1, 2008

“We have to leave now.” The man told me.


He tried to pull me away but I lunged out of his grasp and hurled myself down on the floor. I shakily put my fingers to my parent’s throats to assure myself they were okay. He had said they were but I needed to know for sure.


I felt him come up in back of me a second before I felt his hand on my shoulder. “I didn’t hurt them.” He told me. “I just rendered them unconscious. When they wake up they might have a few bruises and a headache but will be fine.”


A tear rolled softly down my cheek and I lowered my head. My long brown hair swept down to shield me from my enemy’s gaze. I was still shaking I realized. A bit of shock I supposed. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before and I didn’t know what to do. I wished like hell that my brother would roll into the driveway with about seven police cruisers on his heels but that was wishful dreaming. I was stuck with this madman. He would leave if I left. That would ensure my folks would be safe but would I see them again? I grabbed and softly squeezed my Mom’s hand.


“Are you going to kill me?” I asked softly.


The hand at my shoulder fell away and he snorted indigently. “No.”


“Then why take me?” I inquired. “My family isn’t rich if it’s money you want.”


“I don’t want any money.” The man answered. “Just you. Now please come with me before I lose my patience. I’d like to be gone from here by the time your brother comes back.”


I touched my mother’s hair and then ran my hand down the back of my father’s shoulder. Tried to burn their images into my mind. Struggling against the flood of tears that hit me, I stood.


My captor grabbed my elbow and gently started trying to steer me away. “Hurry Kheri. Time is of the essence. Besides, if you listen to me and are good, I’ll let you write or call them and tell them your okay.”


That statement broke through my sorrow and I blinked back tears to look up at him. Hope flared in me that maybe I might survive this. After all if I was alive to contact my folks then this man wasn’t thinking about killing me.


For the first time I actually saw his face. With the sunglasses having been knocked off during the fight our eyes met. The strange color of his eyes still shocked me but I was looking past that. Trying to read him. If he wasn’t a killer then why kidnap me? If money wasn’t a motive then why take me at all? It made no sense. I wanted to believe he didn’t mean me harm but that was very hard to do with the fact that he was responsible for my folks laying on the kitchen floor out cold.


He hesitated in walking as we looked at one another, looked like he would have said something, then I saw him change his mind and shut down. He yanked his eyes from mine and pushed my arm to move me forward again. In a daze I moved down the hall, through the front room and over the front door which now lay on the floor splintered and broken. Once down the front steps we turned left and I saw an old battered red truck parked on the side of the road. He directed me toward it.

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