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Dangerous Part 3

July 14, 2008

The sounds from the front of the house were loud so I had to make my voice carry over them. “What is that sound? Is he busting down the door?”


My father urgently confirmed it and pushed us toward the stairs. “Hurry and get upstairs. Lock the door.”


I heard a loud bang as the door finally gave. Then footsteps walking over the wood. The man was in our house. A cold chill crept through me. He was coming for me. He had said so. But why?


“I’m not leaving you John.” My mother said to my father.


She wrapped her arms around him for a hug of support before grabbing a pan out of the sink. And could I do any less? I went and got a butcher knife out of a kitchen drawer. My folks both protested that I should run and hide but I ignored them.


The man suddenly came into view. Walking in from the front room he moved quiet and unhurriedly. He stopped in the entry to the small hallway that lead to the kitchen and just stared at us. I felt the urge to hide the knife behind my back but he had already seen it.


“There’s no need for violence you know.” He said finally. “Just invite me in to sit down for coffee and pretend I didn’t have to break your door to get in.”


“Why are you doing this?” I said desperately. “Why me? Why us?”


He cocked his head slightly considering me. “I don’t know why it’s you but it is.” He stepped into the hallway. “Invite me in.”


“I wouldn’t invite you into my house for anything.” My mother shouted furiously “Get out of here! Leave us alone!”


“Now now, that’s no way to treat a guest and someone who might be important to you in the future.” The man said walking closer.


We backed up behind the large kitchen table as Mister Psychotic came into the kitchen. He seemed unmoved at the weapons and glares aimed his direction as his gaze fell to the table and unbelievably he went through our mail. I blinked in disbelief that at a moment like this he would do such an oddball thing.


Holding up an envelope he said. “Kheri?”


I couldn’t help the flinch at the mention of my name and since he was watching me he noticed. Setting the envelope down, he watched me, his chin down so his eyes showed over the tops of his glasses. Eyes a strange greenish yellow. Contacts probably because no real person I had even seen had eyes that color.


“Kheri.” He said again. “Yes, it suits you. I like it. Come sit down with me Kheri. Let’s talk. Tell your parents to put those toys down and let us have some privacy.”


“Like hell will I leave my daughter alone with you.” My mother spat.


“Mom…” I began warningly.


My mother suddenly charged the man with her pan raised high. But Mister Psychotic was fast and nimble. He ducked her first swing and caught her arm. He had a pinning hold on her so fast I didn’t know how he managed it. The pan fell with a clang to the floor.


My father’s eyes widened in shock a fraction of a second before he stepped forward to swing his bat at the man’s head. But he missed. Mister Psychotic had thrown my mother down to the floor and scrambled backward. When the bat was brought forward for a second swing, he easily grabbed it. With one hand around the middle of the bat, he grabbed my father by the shirt with his other.


“NOooooo!” I cried as I lunged.


I ran forward intending to stab the man in the arm but he pivoted and knocked my blade aside somehow. I stumbled nearly dropping the knife. By the time I turned for a second try at him, he was ready for me. He grabbed both my wrists and fought me.


He was way stronger then I was and easily made me drop the knife from my pain numbed fingers. With regret I saw the knife bounce once on the ground before sliding under the refrigerator. But now Mister Psychotic had a hold of me and he didn’t let go. I struggled but ultimately he pinned me. I stood with him close at my back, my arms held down and useless. His breathe hit my ear as he talked.


“You had to go and do it the hard way didn’t you?” He said. “Well Kheri, I tried to be nice but you forced my hand. Do you see what you made me do?”


I looked down where he seemed to be angling me to look and let out a gasp of dismay and surprise when I saw both my parents on the floor. They both looked dead they were so still. I started to shake and cried out to them.


The arms around me tightened to get my attention. “No. They’re not dead. Not yet. Only knocked out. But still, you caused this.” He paused before going on. “Now Kheri, I trust you’ll see it my way and come with me. Leave them out of it before you force me to do something you and I will really regret.”


I closed my eyes as I let out a shaky breath. My folks were okay but this man could really hurt them or worse. And it would be because of me. I couldn’t let that happen.


I wasn’t fighting my captor anymore so his arms loosened and then just held me. I wanted to turn around and punch his lights out but he was too fast for me. Besides that, I was in a very precarious situation. I had to go along with him until I was sure my folks were safe.