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Dangerous Part 2

June 23, 2008

It was just after dark when the doorbell rang again. Once again I somehow ended up answering it. When I peeked out the blind I did a double take. Apparently Mister Psychotic was back. And he had noticed me because the pause in my answering the door had him give an extra knock.


“I know your there.” He called out to me.


With a curse I yanked the blind up and glared out at him. “What is your problem? No means no. Please get off my property.”


“You are making this harder than it has to be.” He answered me.


Me? It was him! The stupid fool didn’t know when to quit.


“I’m calling the cops!” I let him know.


It had worked to get him to leave last time but this time he laughed. I paused in my walk to the nearby phone to look back at the window over my shoulder. He was watching me through the glass. Eyes still unreadable with the sunglasses on. And come to think of it why did he have sunglasses on at night?


I grabbed the phone and started punching in numbers but got nothing. In fact the dial tone was missing. I pulled the phone receiver away from my ear and looked down at it as if a clue might be written on it somewhere to explain its lack of response.


“What’s wrong?” The man taunted. “Something wrong with your phone.”


“What did you do?” I asked him warily.


He stared at me seriously through the window now. “Let me in.”


I ignored the man on my porch and ran into the kitchen. The phone was dead there too. I slammed the receiver down hard gaining the attention of my parents who had been eating and watching television.


“What’s wrong?” My mother asked.


I swiped a hand through my hair nervously. “You know that crazy guy that I told you about from earlier? That’s him on the porch again. And when I went to call the police I found out the phone isn’t working.”


My father stood and grabbed up the phone to check it himself. He shook his head negative when my mother looked at him.


“Okay, never mind.” I announced. “We’ll just use the cell phone instead.”


“Oh!” My mother let out.


“What is it now?” My father asked.


My mother looked apologetically at me. “I lent the phone to your brother. I’m sorry. Had I known…”


But she couldn’t have known. No one could have. Still, that left us without the police.  And our house was separated from our neighbors and town by a twenty minute drive. So we were on our own.


The TV had been muted for the conversation so we heard the knocking from out front start up in the silent pause. My father went into the bedroom and came back out with a baseball bat. With a look at my mother and me he led the way back into the front room.


Mister psychotic was still on the porch of course. He had been knocking on the window frame but stopped now. I saw his gaze take my folks in and not miss the baseball bat in my father’s grasp. Normally this would have scared most people but it didn’t seem to faze this guy. He smiled at my father.


“You must be this lovely young woman’s father.” He said.


“My daughter doesn’t want to talk to you.” My father told him. “So please leave and don’t make the mistake of coming back.”


“I just need to talk to her for a….” He started to say.


“You don’t need to talk to her about anything.” My mother interrupted. “Get out of here.”


Mister psychotic had been smilingly politely but that faded. He straightened up in the window now, no longer slouched over and approachable. His voice became hard with aggravation.


“One way or another I will talk to her.” He said, and then turned his head to look at me. “Open this door and come out. You don’t want to drag your folks into this now do you?”


A wave of guilt and uneasiness went through me. I loved my folks to pieces and wouldn’t do anything to hurt them. I didn’t know what this guy wanted but I wouldn’t risk my family over it.


My mother grabbed my arm. “Oh no you don’t. Get away from that door.”


“Yes, come out.” The man was saying. “I just…”


My father pulled the baseball bat to his shoulder as if ready for a swing. “Leave. Right now!”


One minute my mother was pulling me back toward the kitchen, the next I heard loud, shuddering thumps and the breaking of wood. I started to turn to see what was going on but my father hurried up to my mother and I and ushered us forward. He herded us toward the back steps that would lead to the attic.


Dangerous Part 1

June 18, 2008

The day started out like any other that Friday in June. I drove to my parent’s house to help out and stay the weekend as was usual. My brother was there also, having driven over from Ohio. It was like a reunion. Almost planned. But I should have known something would go wrong. It usually does in my family. Murphy’s Law loves us.


It was about four in the afternoon when the doorbell rang. I was closest so I ran to go get it but as I looked through the slats in the blinds, I didn’t recognize the man on the porch. He wasn’t a mailman and looked to have no petitions to sign or items to sell. Warily I opened the front door a crack.


The man on the porch looked young, somewhere in his mid twenties, same as me. He had skin with a light golden tan that went well with his midnight black hair. And that hair was much longer then usual. Almost as long as my own. That and his mirrored sunglasses made him look rockstarish, if you know what I mean.


He looked at me in an odd way when I opened the door and peeked out. I couldn’t exactly see his eyes but something felt off. He hadn’t opened the screen door yet but he still leaned forward and I swear I heard him sniff. I’ll admit it threw me. I mean, I was wearing perfume but nothing heavy, and dinner wasn’t cooking yet. What in heaven’s name could this man be smelling?


“Hello.” The man said straightening back up. “Might I ask your name?”


That seemed odd as he was the one who had rang the doorbell. “Are you looking for someone?” I finally asked.


He seemed to weigh his answer. “Yes.”


“Okay, well if you tell me their name, maybe I can tell you if he or she lives near here.” I told him.


He smiled slightly at my inquiry. “I asked her her name but she won’t tell me.”


This was definitely an odd conversation and I was feeling increasingly uncomfortable. The screen door provided only so much protection.


“I don’t think I understand.” I said.


“I came to see you.”


Now that was odd. I didn’t know this guy from adam. “What do you want?”


“I want to get to know you.” He said. “Please come out or invite me in so we can talk.”


Way too forward. I wasn’t letting him in the house and I didn’t trust him enough to step outside.


“How do you know me?” I finally asked. “Did someone I know send you here?”


“No.” He said. “I happened to see you earlier, saw you go into this house and now I’m back.”


Definitely stalker material I was thinking. I mean, come on, no one follows you home like that. Not even if you are Miss America beautiful which I wasn’t. I was pretty but not remarkable pretty. Time to try and end this.


“I’m sorry but this is a little strange for me.” I told him.


He nodded. “Perhaps, but it still doesn’t change the fact that I intend to know you.”


Way too cocky for his own good. “I don’t think so. I’m closing the door now.”


“Wait…” He was saying.


But I didn’t wait. I saw his hand go for the screen door which was unlocked so I slammed the main door shut and locked it. I heard him rap his fists on the main door and even jiggle the doorknob.


“Come back!” He bellowed. “Open this door!”


Normally a quiet person, I winced at the shouts. When he didn’t stop the loud knocking and shouting, I finally went back to the window and pulled up the blind. He stopped what he was doing to look at me in the window while I glared at him angrily.


“I’m not opening the door so you can just leave!” I told him.


The window was open a notch so he heard me through the screen. “I’m not leaving.”


“Fine.” I told him. “Stay while I call the police.”


My brother was walking into the room as the man on the porch threw up his hands and backed away from the window and door. The screen door clicked shut.


“Okay, I’ll go.” The man said beating a retreat back down the front steps.


My brother looked over my shoulder at the man’s retreating figure. “What the heck was that all about?”


I shrugged my shoulders. “Beats me but at least he’s gone.”


We both went into the kitchen to tell the folks what happened.


Welcome to my WordPress Blog

June 18, 2008

Let me welcome you to my page on the internet and thanks for visiting. This blog will be a little of everything but I mainly intend to experiment by writing  stories piece by piece on here. I really invite you to give me comments if you feel so inclined as you read my work. It’s only with feedback and other’s opinions that a real writer finds out if she has what it takes to make it in the book world. Incase you wondered, my work is mainly paranormal with romance thrown in. And between parts and chapters I post on here, I may put up a review or rant or two. Let the experiment begin…