Dangerous 20

August 18, 2011

He looked away at the far wall and closed his eyes. I watched him take a few deep breathes, his throat working to swallow the air. When he looked back at me his eyes were calm and steady.

“I’m still waiting for an answer.” Kale reminded me.

I was scared. Scared and moved at the same time which made me confused as hell. I should hate Kale but I didn’t somehow. This episode had scared me badly but deep down inside myself I had to admit that a thrill had shot down my spine. I had never had a man look at me so passionately before. To be desired so strongly was like a drug that feed my senses. I was pulled in two directions. Part of me wanted to run while the other half wanted to see what would happen next.

“I’ll try.” I managed to say.

“Try what?” Kale asked.

“I’ll try to meet you halfway.” I finally said.

Kale stood up from the bed and made me jump as I hadn’t been expecting him to do that. He shook his head when he saw my reaction.

“The first thing I think I need to get you to understand is that I won’t hurt you.” Kale told me. “I don’t want you to jump every time I move or talk.”

“You hurt me when you pulled me from my family.” I pointed out.

Kale moved toward me and I tried to back away but my back hit the wall and he was suddenly there. He opened his arms to embrace me as I struggled to get free. He hung on to me as I swore and tried to hurt him but didn’t seem to be affecting him at all. Being so ineffective made me finally cry. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I continued to struggle against the embrace.

“Shhhhh.” Kale was saying softly to me. “It’s okay. Get it out and let it go. You know I won’t hurt you…”

It was very much like the first time he had calmed me down when he had put his clawed hand on me. And like last time it seemed to work somewhat as the anger leaked out of me. My muscles strained and I couldn’t fight anymore. I went weak against Kale and sobbed quietly.

“It’s okay. Your okay Kheri. I won’t let anything happen to you.”

“W-what’s going to happen to me?” I finally muttered into Kale’s shirt.

He heard me and answered back with a little sigh that had his chest rising and falling with my head tucked against it. It felt odd to be cuddled by him. I didn’t want to like it but it was hard not to.

“I think that’s up to you.” Kale told me. “I cannot leave you alone. Not right now. You know that. So going to your parent’s home is out. At least for now. Which means we either stay here or go off somewhere to be alone.” He began rubbing my back softly. “I know my family can be hard to put up with. Would you prefer going somewhere else?”

“Like where?” I asked curiously.

“Well there’s a cabin on our property we could go to.” He said. “We actually have three on our land to pick from. Any one of those could work. We would be alone but also without electricity.”

When I didn’t answer, Kale patted my back. “That’s okay. You think about it.”

My arms had hung down at my sides while we talked. Now I brought them up and tried to brush the left over tears from my eyes. Droplets stuck to my lashes and made my hands wetter still.

Kale noticed of course and began walking me toward the bathroom. “Why don’t we get you a wet clothe. It’ll make you feel better.”

True to his word, Kale got me a wet washcloth after I made it to the bathroom. I sat on the edge of the bath tub as he softly ran the cloth over my face. I went to take it from him but Kale pushed my hands away muttering about how I needed to let him take care of me sometimes.

It felt good to be cared for. I felt myself shaking a little as nerves died down to be replaced with relief. I didn’t know how to feel or what to think anymore. How could a man who held me hostage be so gentle? And why was my body betraying me? Even now I felt myself relaxing into Kale’s touch as he swiped the cool clothe over my face. In my head I knew he was doing it longer then necessary. That I should put a stop to it. But here I was sitting on the side of the bath tub silent and accommodating. The truth was, I was tired of fighting, being scared and angry all at once as tender emotions somehow creeped up on me.

“There now.” Kale lifted my hair away as he made to sweep the cloth behind my neck. “How do you feel?”

I sighed. “Confused.”

Kale’s lips lifted slightly in a kind-of-smile. “The same as me then.”

The wet clothe felt like heaven as it hit the back of my neck. Unconsciously I found my head lowering so he could have full access. Why wasn’t I scared? Why did this feel right somehow?

“Your hair is so soft Kheri” Kale whispered drawing my eyes back to him and finding him rubbing my long hair against his cheek. “Like silk.”

I think that was probably my undoing. Never had a man done anything so intimate and romantic with me before. Watching Kale rub my hair against his cheek and turn to breathe it in made my body tighten. I sat still as a stone unable to stop the thrill of emotion that fluttered through me.

He had pulled the clothe away and laid it on the side of the tub so he could use his other hand. His eyes caught mine as he brought both hands up to smooth the strands between his fingers. There was a fire in his eyes. There might have been one in mine too because I was caught up in the moment. But when Kale leaned in to kiss me, that’s when the moment broke. I was still a little scared of him and it spooked me enough to draw me out of my
trance. I pulled my head back.

Kale let my hair trail through his fingers as I backed away. Then he let his hands drop and I saw him shake himself out of the moment. He stood up. We were so close that I could not help noticing the bulge in his pants which made me gasp and turn my head even as another thrill shivered down my spine. I liked that I had caused that reaction in him even as it made me nervous. What the hell was wrong with me?

Kale cleared his throat. “I need to go take a walk. I’ll be back for lunch.” He started to walk out of the bathroom but stopped to look back at me over his shoulder. “I’m leaving the door open. Trusting you not to run off. If I come back and find you left the house, I’ll be very angry Kheri. You haven’t really seen me angry yet and you don’t want to so don’t push your luck.”


Dangerous 19

August 18, 2011

While he slid down to lay on his bed, I went back to the chair by the desk. While I knew keeping that desk between us wouldn’t give me much safety, I took the small comforts I could.

Kale sighed heavily. “I don’t want you running away again. The woods are dangerous Kheri and I mean that. Didn’t you hear what everyone said about those rogue weres and the enemy packs? Well they could be lurking in
those woods. They could easily grab you and really take you prisoner.” He gave me a pointed look with raised eyebrows. “They also wouldn’t be as passive as I have been.”

“Passive!?” I sputtered. “Not likely! I…”

With a wave of his hand Kale cut me off. “Trust me when I tell you I’ve been very very passive with you. Normally I’m not like this but since I first found you I’ve been feeling different. The anger and loneliness that’s become so much a constant inside me has…well…thawed I guess.”

I leaned back in my chair and crossed my arms in front of my chest. No way was I falling for the lonely heart routine even if I that statement had plucked a pang of sympathy for him. I knew what being hurt was
all about and I’d dealt with my share of loneliness despite having loving parents.

“Yeah right.” I spoke up. “Lonely with so many of you family living here?”

Kale lay there with one hand holding his head up as he turned on his side to give me his full attention now.

“Haven’t you ever been lonesome even while you were in a crowd?” He said softly. “Felt like something was missing and no one had that missing piece of the puzzle that you needed?” My silence spoke for itself and Kale nodded his head before continuing. “Then you know what I mean.”

My curiosity got the better of me and I blurted out my thought before I realized what I had done. “Why the anger though?”

Kale’s eyes fell to the floor. I almost thought he might not answer me as the minutes stretched on. I shifted in my chair wondering how to change topic when he finally spoke again.

“I was an orphan you know.” He said quietly. “No one knew who my parents were or if anything had happened to them. Just that I was found one December morning shivering in a park and a police man took me to the police
station for some hot cocoa to warm me up. I was about four years old they said. Nothing on me to identify who I was either. So I became a ward of the state.” Kale face showed his distaste at that fact. “It was awful Kheri. So awful. Some people tried to care for me but were scared of me. The ones who weren’t scared of me were not the types I really wanted to be with. People who punished often and for fun. Some who did worse then that. And then there were the other kids. Some in an almost permanent state of shock. Others who turned into bullies
themselves. I did what I had to to survive and then left out on my own as soon I could.”

I had been leaning forward in my chair while I listened to Kale tell me of his childhood. The terrors he described pulled at me. Made me want to comfort him. I was a sucker for a sob story and Kale’s was definitely that. I think it was the movement of me unfolding my arms that had caught his attention. He suddenly looked up at me and I could see his eyes change somehow as he stopped reliving the memories and came back to the present. He blinked and the show was over as he put his feelings away and forced a wall of calm seriousness to rein on his features.

Kale shrugged. “Anyway I had a rough childhood. Nuff said.” He inclined his head toward me. “Tell me about you. What kind of childhood did you have?”

I got the impression that Kale didn’t like talking about himself. That what he had told me was a rare insight. Normally I would have been very moved, supportive and sympathetic. I might even have hugged him. But this man was still holding me hostage here. I might not have handcuffs on or a blindfold but I was still a captive.

For a moment I wavered about talking then decided not to. I’d rather Kale did not get to know me. I wanted to go home, not get involved with this man.

When I didn’t answer Kale shook his head in aggravated amusement. “You know what? Your amazing. I tell you about me but you just cannot give in the tiniest bit can you?”

“I want to go home Kale.” I told him. “I don’t want to sit here and pretend to be buddies when we aren’t.”

Kale sat up on the bed and ran his fingers through his long dark hair before swinging his legs over the side of the bed. He sat on the edge as his hands clenched together in frustration.

“Look, you are going to have to get it through you thick head Kheri, that you’re my mate, my soul mate.” He pinned me with his glare. “Werewolves don’t give up their mates when they find them. In fact they fight and even kill to keep their mate with them. I was holding onto tight reins as I tried to be gentle at your house. But you made me have to get physical to even get near you. And your folks….God I hate knowing I knocked them out but you know what? I did a damn great job at not killing them when the beast in me was raging at me to do just that.” Kale blew out an angry breathe. “You don’t know how uncontrollable this urge is to be with you, near you. Hell, even now you way over there and I feel this pull on me to close the distance.”

Kale’s gaze intensified and as the anger left an passionate hunger filled in its place within his greenish yellow depths. He was still across the room from me but I felt nearly scalded by the burning desire I saw.

Kale smiled sadly. “Do you see how restrained I am? Yes, I can read in your eyes that you do. I only hold back because of you Kheri. I’m trying to give you time to accept me but your not even trying. Tell me why I should bother to keep restraining myself if you are not even willing to try and meet me halfway on this?”

“Kale please..” I didn’t know what to say.


Dangerous 18

August 18, 2011

We padded silently up the driveway to the door with clothing scattered on the ground outside of it. Kale let my shoulder go but I kept my back to him. Listened to the rustling of the clothing as he pulled it on.

“You can change during the day.” I said to fill the silence. “Without a full moon.”

Kale snorted, sounding very like his wolf counterpart. “Shifters can change whenever they want to but how much and how long does depend on the moon’s phase.” I heard him pause and knew he was looking up at me. “Hollywood likes to stretch the truth in their movies but that works for us in a way. The non-believers or crazed extremists think they know our weaknesses and strengths when really they’ve just scratched the tip of the iceberg.”

“I see.”

“Well…” Kale answered back as clothing once more rustled as he drew it on. “..I’m kind of hoping your beginning to. All this screaming and running away business is annoying. If you would only give things a chance maybe…. well maybe you could be happy here.” He paused and then finished. “…with me.”

“You kidnapped me Kale.” I reminded him incase he forgot. “Took me from my home without telling me why, left my folks unconscious on the floor…”

“Alright!” Kale snapped. “I know I did. I’m sorry about that.” He sighed. “You can turn around now, I’m dressed.”

I turned slightly and glanced at him. He had his clothes back on complete with the flaming Harley Davidson T-shirt.

Kale plucked a leaf from his dark hair as he motioned me with a wave of his hand to the door. “Come on, let’s go in and face everyone. Then I’m taking you back to my room.”

Somehow he prodded me through the door. Everyone was back in their seats but looked up as we came in. I could see sympathy in their eyes as no one mentioned my headlong flight out the door and instead asked if I was
okay. I assured everyone I was. And that’s about all I got to say before Kale announced we were going back to his room and then whisked me away. No one said a word to stop him.

Kale pulled me into his room minutes later and once more locked the door.

“Now we talk.” Kale announced.


Dangerous 17

June 1, 2009

Before I could think about it, I jerked my hand away and watched as wolf-Kale snorted and shook his head. He bumped his shoulder into me nearly knocking me off my feet. His head bumped against my leg. He continued shoving at me until I had to walk or fall down. I stumbled a few paces. He was right behind me. When I stopped and looked down at him he again butted his head into my thigh and pushed. It seemed he was herding me toward somewhere. My hope of escape dwindled inside me. I knew where this was going.

“Your leading me back to the house aren’t you?” I asked.

Wolf-Kale made a short bark which I took for a ‘Yes’.

“Please don’t Kale.” I begged. “I want to go home.”

He growled and shook his head with a big huffing snort before he pushed his shoulder back into me. It was obvious he wasn’t letting me go and he was rushing us both back to the house. The thought of facing Judi, Bram and the others scared me. They would be angry. I had shoved their friendship back into their faces.

I stopped moving through the woods to look at Wolf-Kale. “I can’t face them. I just can’t.”

Kale seemed to think about that for a moment but then huffed and gently prodded me with his nose. He was urging me on again.

“Can’t you even change and talk to me about this?” I asked.

I felt dumb asking it. I felt oddly even talking to a wolf in the middle of a forest. But today was not my usual day. And this wasn’t an ordinary animal.

Wolf-Kale didn’t reply to me but just prodded me harder so we started moving once more through the forest. It felt surreal to be walking through the woods with a wolf at my side. At times his silky fur brushed my fingers and weirdly enough it was a kind of comfort. I had always liked animals and cried my sorrows on my dog’s shoulder growing up.

What seemed like many hours later we could see the clearing ahead where the driveway was cut into the forest. My steps faltered and halted.

“I don’t know if I can do this.” I admitted in a whisper. “Your…family. They will hate me after this.” 

When there was no response behind me I turned to look and Wolf-Kale was gone. Heaving a heavy sigh of confusion and frustration I hugged my arms around my middle and stood in the forest looking out at the driveway. Almost daring myself to step out. I don’t know how long I was standing there with my mind turning with thoughts before a hand clamped on my shoulder.

It surprised me and I let out a high shriek that startled birds out of the trees and sent a squirrel running from my vicinity. The touch had been light before but now it tightened. I tried to turn but was held back so I twisted by neck to see who was behind me instead.

“Do you have to scream every time I touch you?” Kale asked.

My fear slipped away as I saw it was Kale who touched me. A very human Kale. I wondered why he wouldn’t let me turn toward him but then I noticed his lack of shirt. My eyes must have widened when I finally figured out that Kale was naked. He smirked at me.

“Yes, I’m naked.” Kale confirmed. “It goes without saying that I cannot shift fully clothed.”

“I know…but…” I lapsed into silence as a blush stole over me and I turned my eyes away before I saw more then just Kale’s chest.

He laughed at my embarrassment. “Okay, enough talk, more walk.” He gently pushed me to continue forward while keeping his grip on my shoulder. “My clothes are near the back kitchen door there where I hastily threw them. Let’s get over there and I’ll get dressed then we need to talk.”

I started forward reluctantly. “But your family….”

“Didn’t approve of me kidnapping you to begin with.” Kale interrupted. “So they will be sympathetic and understanding. Trust me.”

So everyone knew then that I was being held hostage. I had wondered even after the looks I saw on Judi and Candace but now I knew for sure. 


Dangerous 16

May 3, 2009

My heart was pounding so loudly in my ears that I don’t think I would have heard the pursuit even if there had been one. But I made it into the thick of the woods and no one had caught me so I kept running.

I had no idea where I was headed except that it was away. Crashing through brush and hurrying around tree’s, I kept going until my breathing was so hard it hurt and my legs turned too shaky. I abruptly sat down on a fallen log. The fear had given me adrenaline which had finally run out. It wasn’t that I couldn’t run, but that in my fear I had failed to pace myself. It was too late now. I had to hope I could rest where I was without being discovered.

As my breathing lessened and my heart slowed, I buried my face in my hands and cried. My whole situation seemed hopeless. I might have gotten away but now I was lost in the woods. And it was a very big section of woods. I remembered that from my drive up to the house with Kale.

Slowly I stopped crying and wiped at my eyes with the back of my hand. Then I took deep breathes until I felt better. Feeling more clear headed I looked up at the sun. I had watched some survival show one time that said you could use the sun as a kind of compass. But as I looked up a flock of birds suddenly broke from the trees and flew off. The forest turned too quiet and the hair at the back of my neck pricked. Was someone watching me?

I looked around and quieted my breath so I could hear if anyone approached but no one strolled into view. I stood and looked around once more and that’s when I saw the faint movement from the corner of my eye. Slowly I looked back toward my left and gasped as I spotted the huge black wolf there.

The wolf was a monster. Almost four feet high from the pad of his foot to the top of his head. And his yellowish green eyes glowed faintly in the shadow he stood in. A gaze he locked solely on me.

A shiver stole through me and I backed up. The wolf stepped out of the shadows toward me as if pacing me. I wanted to run but I knew he could outrun me. Besides that, I didn’t want to turn my back on the huge wolf.

The wolf made a snorting sound then suddenly shook his head in a ‘No’ like manner. It was so un-wolf-like that I frowned and my jittery pulse hammered down. What the heck? I stepped back once more.

This time the wolf raised a paw at me before he did the head swinging ‘No’ motion again. My eyes widened as a realization dawned on me and I really looked in the wolf’s eyes. Could it be? Was the wolf really Kale?

“Kale?” I whispered into the silence.

The wolf made a rough sound and wagged its tail at me a few times.

Still unsure I had guessed right I tried again. “Is that really you Kale?”

The wolf stared back at me for a moment. I watched as his jaws locked and his neck tightened and then his head bobbed up and down in a very human nod of confirmation. It obviously took a lot of concentration to move the wolf body like that.

“Oh my God!” I whispered.

The wolf that was Kale slowly padded toward me now. I still felt the urge to run but made myself stand still until the wolf was right in front of me. He glanced up at me before stepping forward and licking my hand.


Dangerous 15

April 7, 2009

A thickly muscled man in a brown shirt with dark red hair leaned forward. He had been pretty silent during the conversation, leaning back and listening. Now he put his hands up in the air and waved them at both Mike and Kale. The growling lowered instantly.


“Okay you two.” He said. “Enough bickering.” He turned toward Kale. “I know what you have to be feeling with a brand new mate Kale but jeez man, the pack has to get to know her. And she has to get to know us. Relax. Everyone knows she’s yours.”


The words seemed to cool things down. Kale leaned back in his chair with a resigned sigh. Mike smiled smugly at Kale but sat back also.


Judi leaned toward me, pointing at the dark red haired man that had just spoken. “That’s Bram our Ulfric. The Alpha wolf of this pack.”


I glanced at Bram who nodded his head to me.


“I’m pleased you’ll soon be a part of our pack Kheri.” Bram offered.


My fists tightened with dread and nervousness as I hide them in my lap. Part of this pack? Did they think to turn me into a werewolf? Was I supposed to stay here forever? I suddenly realized how close Kale was and leaned away.


Kale’s features tightened into a concerned frown. “Kheri? What’s wrong?”


I shook my head negatively but Kale wasn’t fooled. He hovered over me, tried to pull me into his arms. I shoved away from him and the table.


“I knew this was a bad idea.” Kale hissed angrily at everyone. “I should have brought her with me somewhere secluded where she could get to know me without you guys scaring her with your big mouths.”


“And what the hell did we say wrong?” Jay was asking.


The conversation continued but my attention was on the door. I could see sunlight and the woods beyond. In my desperate need to escape the whole situation I shot up from my seat and grabbed the handle. Kale stopped midsentence and I heard chairs squeaking as people quickly moved out of them. I had seconds to get out.


The kitchen door was locked but the drawing back of a bolt fixed that. I shoved the door open but was grabbed on the arm. When I glanced back, I saw Mike had a hold of me. I screamed in fear and flailed around trying to break his hold. I think Kale must have thought Mike was doing something bad to me because his fist shot out of no where and hit Mike square in the jaw. I was released immediately and literally fell through the kitchen doorway into the backyard. I got to my feet and took off running.


Dangerous 14

March 15, 2009

The food was delicious and I told the girls so who both beamed at me. Judi finished eating first and prodded me a little even though I wasn’t done eating.


“Kale said you live around here?”


I swallowed my food and took a breath. “My whole life actually. Though I traveled a little.”


“Good God, she’s been around that long and you never found her Kale?” Mike muttered in between bites.


Kale let out an aggravated sigh. “And how was I to know? I didn’t actually go searching for her….well..much.”


When I looked bewildered, Candace explained how werewolves know their mate by scent and feel. How they actively look for them when they can and duty doesn’t interfere.


“But Kale’s been a bit busy.” Candace continued. “We’ve had lots of trouble with rogues and rival packs lately.”


Mike sputtered. “Lately!?? How about since we moved in.”


Now finished eating, I pushed my plate aside listening as the family spoke to one another about two rival packs living on either side of them who simply would not back off. It seemed to be a territorial thing and my mind began to replay images of wolves I’d seen on the Discovery Channel. It was hard to imagine these people doing some of the things they said. More like describing a video game.


“The worst thing is the female problem.” Jay admitted. “We can date all we like but werewolves only get one true soul mate. If we don’t find them, well we guys tend to get cranky. We can only…umm ..come to full fulfillment with the right person.”


My glance slid to Kale who was watching me. He had a serious look on him even as he slid his hand over and captured mine. I caught myself before I jumped. This was all too new to me.


“You don’t have a sister do you Kheri?” One of the men asked.


I glanced at Kale and then down, not knowing if I wanted to reveal much. I was a kidnap victim after all. These people were treating me well and I understood about the whole werewolf thing being a hard subject to discuss in mixed company but I still was being held against my will.


When my silence went on too long, Kale answered for me. “She has a younger brother. No sisters. At least none that lived at her house. I smelled that much.”


“Damn.” Mike said. “Too bad. She’s a looker and a sister might have been another potential mate.”


Mike was staring at me when he made his little speech. There was a hunger in his gaze and a faint flicker of hope. The merriment and jokes I had come to expect from him had been shoved aside for the moment. A revealing moment that seemed to trigger a protective response from Kale. He leaned over to block me from Mike’s stare.


The growling started up.